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Want to understand Data-Centric AI better?

Data-Centric AI is the process of building and testing AI systems by focusing on data-centric operations (i.e. cleaning, cleansing, pre-processing, balancing, augmentation) rather than model-centric operations (i.e. hyper-parameters selection, architectural changes).

The term is coined by Andrew Ng. The definition is provided by Marco Postiglione and chosen by the community itself.

The Data-Centric AI Community is the place to discuss data quality for data science.


Data Profiling

Understanding the existing data is the first step. Profile your data in a few lines of code.

Explore your data with ydata-profiling!0

Synthetic Data

Synthetic data is artificially created data that keeps the original data properties, ensuring its business value while being privacy compliant.

Expand your data with ydata-synthetic!0

Data Labeling

Isn’t it one of your biggest pain points in data quality? The DCAI Community cultivates meaningful discussions around this and other topics!

Coming soon

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Introducing the Data-Centric AI Community

A place to discuss data quality for data science.

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From model-centric to data-centric

A new paradigm for AI development — focused on data quality.

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Pandas Profiling for Quicker Data Understanding

Read your data? Pause. Generate the Pandas Profiling report first.

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Synthetic Time-Series Data: A GAN approach

Generate synthetic sequential data with TimeGAN.

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How to Validate the Quality of Your Synthetic Data

A tutorial on how you can combine ydata-synthetic with great expectations.

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Versioning and Labeling — Better Together

Data labeling and data versioning provide a rock solid bedrock to build your machine learning models on now and in the future.

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